Quesadilla vs. Quesadilla

A few years after I moved to Canada, I remember someone telling me that they’d gone to a restaurant and had ordered quesadillas and loved them.  And I thought, “Of course you loved it, it’s the best bread ever!”

It was only when they looked at me like I was crazy that I realized that we were talking about two different things.

I’m sure you’ve seen Mexican quesadillas before, which , according to Wikipedia, is “a flour or corn tortilla filled with a savoury mixture containing cheese and other ingredients, then folded in half to form a half-moon shape.”  These quesadillas are common here and can be ordered at most Mexican or American chain restaurants.

But in El Salvador, where I come from, quesadilla is a sweet, dessert cake with made from Parmesan cheese  or shredded queso fresco, sesame seeds, flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, sugar and butter. It can be served warm or cold, alone or with dulce de leche and/or whipped cream.

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