How much is a picture worth??

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and I agree! To a blog, a thousand words is a pretty long piece.  I find that most people don’t want to see a long-winded post.  They want short and sweet and easy.  There is millions of blog posts done everyday, and you have to find a way to hold the viewer’s attention for those precious few minutes (or seconds!!) that they take to look at your site.  One way to do this is with pictures.

I love taking pictures.  It makes me happy to take them, especially when I can play with them on Photomatix or Photoshop later.  I try to use them on my blog, although not all are originals.  It’s not easy getting a picture of the Spice Girls up close, or of someone’s Oscar gown.  But I do prefer my own pictures , if I can get them.

Which is partly why I started taking pictures again.  For a while, I had basically stopped all creative things (yes, even writing!!) and was living a fairly boring and mundane life.  Now that I’m back to it, I feel the need to do more and more.  But unfortunately, I’ve never been the idea girl.  I can write it, and take a picture, and edit, and anything else…as long as I have a topic or idea to work with.  Even blog posts are a pain sometimes.  The worst: coming up with titles!!  But I love writing, and so I push on.

Anyways, so I found a photo challenge.  It’s hosted on a site called Fat Mum Slim, which I found through Pinterest.  The point of the photo challenge is to take a picture a day.  She has posted a list of topics for each day, and you take pictures to do with that topic, however you choose to interpret it.

I’ve already missed the January and February challenges, although I may go back and do them.  I thought of making a page and posting the pictures on there, but I’m not sure it can handle 30 pics per page, and I’d want them decently sized so you can see them, so I figured I will create folders for each month in my Flickr Photostream, and just put the link here.  I’ll still make a page, and I’ll update it everyday (if possible) and put the latest picture on here.

I will hopefully be starting on today (I’m very sick right now, so I’m not sure about going out in the cold to take a picture of my neighbourhood), so I should have the first picture up soon.  If not, you can check in tomorrow  You can check out my Flickr Photostream in the meantime.