My first attempt at Google Plus

So i joined Google Plus today. From what I’d heard, it’s supposed to be awesome and a huge competitor for Facebook. I wanted to see what the hype was about, so I asked a friend to send me an invite, and he did.

Now, let’s start off by saying I love Facebook. You could even say I’m a little obsessed. I don’t sit on my computer refreshing the page, but I do check it, on average, about once every hour and half. I spend roughly three minutes every time, so it’s not like I’m on there forever, but still, often.

So when something comes along that tells me it’ll be better than that, and I’ll love it more, and it’ll keep me even more connected, well, I want to check it out.

And so far, I’m not seeing it. It’s entirely possible that with time, and with updates, and maybe with more people on it, I’ll learn to love it. But it was not impressive at first sight.

First, I have no idea what it all is. WTF is a Spark?? It also took me a while to figure out that a +1 is basically a Like. I get the feeling that given the time, I’d find all of the things I love about Facebook on it.  And as far as I’ve been told, much better security.

But honestly, I’m not seeing the need to migrate from my beloved home of FB onto this unknown, sparsely populated almost-duplicate.

But who knows, right??  I mean, everyone has hated every single change FB has ever made, until they get used to it.  So maybe all Google Plus needs is time??

I guess we’ll see.  I’ll keep looking through it and getting used to it.  And if anyone wants invites, let me know!!  I need people on it in order to decide!!

Looking to get rid of some panties?? Berne Township, Ohio, is the place for you!!

As always, Americans are baffling.  In yet another WFT moments, someone dumped 1,700 panties on the side of the road.

I’m not sure I understand this.  So someone just happened to have 1,700 mostly women’s underwear in their closet??  And even more weird (to me, at least), some of them were worn.  Not all.

I can’t decide if this is a case of someone dumping the evidence of all the women they’ve killed (clearly I watch too much Criminal Minds – great show, btw!!) or someone trying to show their shopaholic wife/daughter/whoever what happens when they buy too much.  Or maybe it was just someone spring cleaning.  Maybe a reformed manwhore is getting rid of his collection??

Still, WTF???

I, like most women I know, often buy new underwear.  Probably more often than is necessary.  But 1,700??  That’s a little crazy!!

Even if you bought those on sale at La Senza (whatever, I don’t care if there’s no La Senza in the States), and you bought 5 underwear for $25 (CAD), you’d still spend $8500.  Plus taxes.  That’s quite a bit of money to just throw on the side of the road.

I like how investigators are “baffled”, though.  Is this really suck a crime that we have to use investigators to figure out??  what will they charge them, littering??

Interesting, those Americans.  Interesting.

Pizza delivery that’s out of this world!!

People on Earth are lazy, really.  It’s why fast-food restaurants thrive.  Who wants to go home after a long day at the office and cook dinner??  Well, a lot of people.  But for those that don’t, there’s restaurants, take-out, and delivery.  A big staple of delivery has always been the classic, well-loved pizza.

And if Earthlings are too tired to cook, who’s to say that people who one day live on the moon (moonlings?) will be any more inclined to cook?

Domino’s is already preparing for that.

They are building a £13.4 billion (approx $21.9 billion USD) domed-shaped restaurant on the moon.  They also plan to offer delivery.

REALLY??  I mean, it’s kinda cool and all, but aren’t there better things you could spend $21.9 billion on??  Maybe something that would be of use this side of 100 years.  Maybe give everyone a raise??  Better pizza-making machines??

Or better yet, increasing the quality of their pizzas???

Maybe it’s only in Canada (or even only in Toronto) that Domino’s pizza is sub-par, but I find that it’s really only awesome at one specific time: when you’re drunk.  Everything tastes great then, including Domino’s.  But when you reheat it the next day…eww.

Maybe they should work on getting ppl to the moon first.  Maybe establish a colony??  A restaurant would be useless up there if there is no one to feed.  Or maybe they’re hoping aliens will use the drive-thru??

Maybe they should just give me the $21.9 billion.  I could find a few things to do with it.

How do I claim this land as mine???

I know where I’m moving to!!

Apparently scientists have discovered a planet that is made up of dense carbon, which they believe is crystalline.  What does this mean, you ask??  It means it’s made of diamond.  The whole planet.

They also claim that there is likely to be oxygen on the planet.  That means humans could possibly live on it.

Can I claim it??  Or do I actually have to set foot on it in order to make it mine??  Would alien diamonds be worth more or less than Earth diamonds?? 

I wonder how many karats it is.  Can you imagine what those golddiggers would say?  “Honey, for my birthday I want a 23,579,215 karat diamond, okay??  Thanks, honeybunch!”

Of course, I, as a non-golddiger (or so I claim), would say something similar.  Without the ‘honeybunch’.

The only thing that would make me happier is a a planet where Ryan Gosling and Gerard Butler lookalikes bring me drinks, while they’re shirtless, in a tropical, Caribbean-like setting, while my pet Hello Kitty runs around me.  Oh, and I guess my bf can be there too.

Sounds crazy, right??  But up until five minutes ago, so did a diamond the size of Jupiter.  So you never know, it may happen!!