Gorgeous Golden Globe Gowns

So I was looking through the Golden Globes red carpet arrivals, and I figured I’d post a few of the dresses that I loved.  Don’t get used to it, as I’m not big on fashion!!  But dresses and shoes are a weakness of mine, so i figured I’d take a minute to show you the ones I liked. There weren’t many, but I did think some were incredible.

Sarah Michelle Gellar could show up in a burlap sack with dirty hair and a mustache, and I’d still love her.  Although she did not, in fact, show up wearing that, what she did decide to wear was much more gorgeous.  She was wearing a blue-and-white tie dyed Monique Lhuillier strapless ball gown, and in my opinion, looking more beautiful than ever.  It’s not the typical dress you see, and honestly, it’s not the kind of dress I’d ever really go and try on myself.  But somehow, she manages to pull it off and look incredibly elegant while doing it.  Yes, I have mad love for SMG.  Or I guess Sarah Michelle Prinze, now, as I remember reading that she’d taken that name professionally.  She’s back on TV now in a show called The Ringer.  I should prolly check it out.

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