Goodbye, Facebook…at least for now.

So I’ve been thinking of getting rid of Facebook.  I know, it’s crazy!!  How will I live??  But honestly, I just don’t want it anymore.

I’ve spent the last few years pretty addicted to it.  I remember finally being able to join (since my school didn’t have an email address) and it felt great to add everyone.  And now a days, I’m so addicted I have to check it a few times a day.  Having it on my phone really doesn’t help either.  Every time I get a spare minute, I’m checking it.

I mean, it has its good points.  I can keep up with friends I’d be otherwise out of touch with, I can be a part of the events, I can see pictures.  I can update people on what I’m up to, I can keep up to date on products, shows, and celebrities I like.

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My first attempt at Google Plus

So i joined Google Plus today. From what I’d heard, it’s supposed to be awesome and a huge competitor for Facebook. I wanted to see what the hype was about, so I asked a friend to send me an invite, and he did.

Now, let’s start off by saying I love Facebook. You could even say I’m a little obsessed. I don’t sit on my computer refreshing the page, but I do check it, on average, about once every hour and half. I spend roughly three minutes every time, so it’s not like I’m on there forever, but still, often.

So when something comes along that tells me it’ll be better than that, and I’ll love it more, and it’ll keep me even more connected, well, I want to check it out.

And so far, I’m not seeing it. It’s entirely possible that with time, and with updates, and maybe with more people on it, I’ll learn to love it. But it was not impressive at first sight.

First, I have no idea what it all is. WTF is a Spark?? It also took me a while to figure out that a +1 is basically a Like. I get the feeling that given the time, I’d find all of the things I love about Facebook on it.  And as far as I’ve been told, much better security.

But honestly, I’m not seeing the need to migrate from my beloved home of FB onto this unknown, sparsely populated almost-duplicate.

But who knows, right??  I mean, everyone has hated every single change FB has ever made, until they get used to it.  So maybe all Google Plus needs is time??

I guess we’ll see.  I’ll keep looking through it and getting used to it.  And if anyone wants invites, let me know!!  I need people on it in order to decide!!