So freaking cute!!

I used to love cartoons when I was younger.  There was nothing better than watching cartoons before school, or even early saturday mornings. 

One of my favourite things growing up was X-Men.  Wolverine, to be specific.  He was just the coolest of the cool. I always wished I was as awesome as he was.  He just kicked ass, and in my mind, no one was more awesome.

Another of my favourite things was Pikachu.  Clearly, this one appealed to my girly side.  I didn’t care for the fighting or anything, just the adorableness of Pikachu.  Well, and Jigglypuff.  And Charmander.

And now, thanks to Marvel artist Benjamin Ang, I can now have both.

Say hello to Wolverchu.  Yes, you read that right.  Wolverchu.  And it makes me really happy that it’s Storm that’s holding him.  I know nothing about storm, really, but I love it.

Sadly, there isn’t really too much to say about this, since as far as I know it’s just a one-off drawing – no comic, toy, or cute stuffed animal to go with it.

I’ve looked through his portfolio, though, and he’s pretty awesome at drawing comics.  He draws some fuck-hot women.  I’m not gonna lie, it made me look at both Wonder Woman and Black Cat totally differently.

I also found one called Pandaelf, which I have no idea what he drew for, but I want one!!  I think it’s the logo for a company, but I can’t figure out what the company does.  Whatever, cuteness!!

Anyways, his drawings are amazing.  I’m not really well versed in comics, so I can’t say if maybe his are just average, or even if maybe they’re terrible, but to my eyes, they’re awesome.

So there you go.  I really just wanted to share these two über cute drawings with everyone.

And if someone happens to find them in a cute, stuffed toy form, please, please, please let me know!!  If I could get these as cute little smushy stuffed toys, my life would be complete.

Digital corkboards – my new obsession!!

So I know it’s been forever, but I’m sure you’ll soon see I suck at updating anything on time.  But alas, here I am. enjoy the hopefully not-so-short burst of writing 🙂

So I’ve discovered a new website, although I’m told I’m a little late to the party: Pinterest.  Basically, it works as a digital organizer for anything and everything you want to save or share a picture of or link to.  You can create boards and ‘pin’ items to each board.

Now, when I first heard it, it sounded a little…useless.  Pointless??  Why would I need to pin pictures to an imaginary board??

But then I started pinning. And then pinning some more.  And then pinning some more….

And now I can’t stop.

I have so many boards!!  I have one of things I want to do before I die, and one of places I want to go.  One of desserts I want to make, and one of foods I want to cook.  One is for clothes I’d like, one is for shoes, another is for nails, hair, and make-up I’d like to try.  Then there’s the dream home, the dream wedding, the funny stuff, the awesome quotes…

Anything I find online that I may want to look at later, be it a picture, a recipe, or absolutely anything else, I can pin it (using a handy Firefox widget).  Once I’ve pinned it, it’s put into my board, along with the main site.  That way, everyone else can look at it and pin it to their boards.  It sounds a little weird, but looking through other people’s pins can help you find so many awesome things.

I actually really like the site a lot.  It makes it easier to list all of the things I want to do or places I want to go.  I’ve gotten used to writing them down on random papers and then losing them.  So to me, this site is absolutely fantastic!!

Anything that lets me feed my need for lists and stuff is awesome. I’m not sure it’ll have the same appeal to guys, since I’ve yet to come across a male that has the same compulsive need to organize.

So let’s hope this is more than just the latest passing fad.  At the very least, my list of things to do before I die is not permanently saved somewhere.  So yay for that!!