I figure if you’re reading this blog, chances are you already know who I am and why I think the way I do. Or maybe you know me well enough to be confused about why I think the way I do. Whatever. But in case you stumbled onto this blog and you have no idea who I am or why I do, I’ll give you a quick summary.

My name is Susana. I’m 29. I work in admin, but I did journalism in school and I write whenever I can. I do freelance when possible and if I could find a full-time writing gig, I’d take it in a heartbeat. I also work on fiction stories, and I love creating characters and worlds.  Researching for my stories also makes me happy.

I like to read, I like to paint, and I love to take pictures. I also love playing with Photoshop. I love playing video and computer games. I love Facebook, Pinterest, and blogging. I could spend hours in a bookstore.  I will spend hundreds on shoes and purses before I even think of buying clothes, as I hate clothes shopping. I love buying movies, and I love watching shitty horror, drama, action, and foreign films. And unlike most girls, I dislike 95% of comedies and rom-coms. I love most music, except screamo hardcore rock and heavy rap. Rise Against, Eminem, and 30 Seconds to Mars rule my life. Music is more important to me than most things in my world.

I have a mom, two brothers, and a sister. I have friends and people in my life I both love and am stuck with.

Spanish was the first language I learned, and I didn’t come to Canada until I was almost 8. My favourite places in the world are Tobermory, Ontario, and Los Cobanos, El Salvador. There is nothing more relaxing and uplifting than sitting on the shore (be it a sandy beach or huge, climbable rocks) away from the craziness of city life, next to crystal-clear water, with the fresh, clean breeze hitting your face.

I had the best doggie in the world, Lucky.  Sadly, he died recently, and I’m nowhere near over it.  It was the worst day of my life, because he was my baby, and I loved him more than I love most things, and even more than I love some people, in my life.  I do hope one day to have another puppy, but I’m nowhere near emotionally ready for one yet.

I do my best to treat people of all colour, race, sexual orientation, and decision-making skill level the same way. The first thing I notice about the opposite sex, believe it or not, is personality, followed by their face – if the eyes look kind, if they have a nice smile, if they look angry or mean, if they have dimples. The list of things I want to do and places I want to go is long, and I’m slowly making a dent in it.

I love cooking and baking, although I’m a long, long way from being a master chef…or even a novice chef.  But I try!!  I love buying cookbooks and trying recipes from them.  I’m not a foodie, but I will try everything (well, almost everything) at least once.  And I’ve just learned to appreciate the Food network!! I have a secret wish to be an awesome chef (or at least master baker) one day.  I’d settle for just being able to come up with ideas and cook from scratch!!

And have I mentioned how much I love margaritas??  ‘Cause I do!! Frozen strawberry margaritas are a gift from the heavens to me.  Tequila shots are my poison of choice, which are followed closely by my love of Captain Morgan rum.  Silver Spiced rum is my favourite, which happily is finally available in Canada.

And that’s way more than I meant to share. But now you know who I am.

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