Oh, the obsession…

So to continue on my Supernatural obsession (yes, it’s totally turned into an obsession), I found this video that I wanted to share with you all.  It’s done incredibly well.  It’s all scenes from the 5th season, which, in my opinion, is the best season.  It was an incredibly crazy emotional roller coaster – there were so many hilarious ups and heartbreaking downs, I actually felt my heart tear a little with every new episode.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed and cried so much, and felt happiness and sadness to such extremes, from any other TV show I’ve watched.  Ever.  And it had the best ending to a season I’ve ever seen.  If they’d ended the show there, I honestly would have felt it was a good place to end, even if it was technically a cliffhanger.  In case you’re interested, watch this one and then this one.  There’s about ten seconds missing between those scenes, but all you miss is Castiel healing Dean.  And honestly, the Chuck part of the ending just added to the awesomeness, I think.

Anyways, this is almost like a trailer for the season, and hopefully you love it as much as I did.  Or, if you don’t watch the show, it’ll get you interested.

Of course, it helps that the song is “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.  Awesome song!!

And yes, my obsessions has gotten pretty bad.  I think I’m on my fourth viewing of the series (as in, start to finish), and I just can’t seem to stop!!  I’ve also started reading fan fiction and I’m always on the Supernatural Reddit.  I know there’s also a big Tumblr thing for it, but I dislike Tumblr and so haven’t ventured into that yet.

I’ll be writing fan fiction soon too, you’ll see.  Seriously, obsessed.  I’ve also found charms I totally want to buy.  I’ve discovered Etsy (which was a bad, bad thing) and I’ve got like 15 Supernatural-related things I want to buy.  Also, I now want to get an anti-possession tattoo.  Honestly, I’m gonna end up spending a lot of money.  And while the crazy obsessiveness may eventually fade, I know I’ll still love this show years and years down the line.

Anywyas, this video is pretty good too.  It’s got scenes from all the seasons except the current one.  The song used is “Demons,” also by Imagine Dragons.

I’m not gonna lie, that video makes me want to make everyone watch this show, because it reminds me of just how good it is.

I’ll probably write about Supernatural again, because, you know, obsessed.  So give it a watch so you know what I’m talking about, okay?  And if you already watch it, watch it again!!

The One About “Friends”

Friends+castSo recently, I’ve rediscovered Friends.  Now, that’s not to say that I’d forgotten about it, or that I hadn’t been a fan in the first place.  it’s just that so much time had passed and so many new shows had come around that I’d sort of let it gather dust in the corner.

Well, a few weeks ago I decided I was in the mood for some comedy (I know, weird, right??) and I dusted them off and started watching them.

ustv_friends_cast_shotAnd man, had I forgotten how awesome they are or what??  It’s making me happy to revisit the happy (and not so happy) moments of my favourite dysfunctional-and-crazy-yet-loving-and-loyal group of friends.

In case you spent the decade the show was on TV living under a rock, it follows the lives of 20-somethings Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Monica Geller (Coureney Cox), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), and Joey Tribiani (Matt LeBlanc) as they try to make a life for themselves in New York City.

The show lasted for ten season, from 1994 to 2004, and had viewership in the 20 millions each week.

Friends-friends-69087_1024_768On the show, the friends had their ups, their downs, their good relationships, their bad ones.  They were happy and successful.  They had shitty jobs, and were unemployed, and at times had no idea what they were doing with their life.  It’s weird, because I couldn’t really identify with them when the show was on (I was 10 in 1994), but I can now.  Now I can see why it was so funny, or so sad, or so happy, or so heartbreaking.

I can totally understand why it’s hard to let them go.  But yesterday and today have been crazy with rumours and stories about a new season of friends coming in 2014.  Star Media, an outlet I’ve never heard of, seems to have “confirmed” with NBC there will be a new season.  Since I immediately called bullshit, I decided to do some research.

Sadly, that research was not only super easy (way to be gullible, Internet!!) but also sad: there will be no reunion.  In fact, Marta Kauffman, the series creator, has confirmed to E! Online that not only is there no reunion planned, there will never be a reunion.  Never.

It’s sad that it’s not coming back, but honestly, I’d rather have it end the way it did than have to remember a badly done movie where they all try to get the same chemistry they had ten years ago.  It would never work.

But it doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop re-watching them!!  And you shouldn’t either.

Incredible photos from space!!

I wanted to talk to you about something awesome I stumbled across that I really feel everyone should know about.  Well, something awesome that’s done by someone awesome.

So I’m not sure if people really know much about the International Space Station (ISS) or what it does.  According to Wikipedia, the ISS is a satellite that was launched in 1998 to orbit Earth that can be inhabited by astronauts.  It was formed by the merger of three planned satellites: Russia’s Mir-2, the proposed American Freedom, and the European Columbus.  It also merged with the Japanese Kibō module as well as Canadian robotics.  It is a joint program among five space agencies and has had astronauts from 15 different nations.

The current mission, Expedition 35, has crew members from Canada, the US, and Russia.  Col. Chris Hadfield is the first Canadian commander of the ISS.  He’s the one I think people really should look up.

He’s been very free with the public, sharing pictures that he takes on his Facebook page, tweeting about what he’s doing, and even doing a Reddit AMA from space (along with a pre-flight one). The pictures he shares on his Facebook page are incredible.  You can see a sampling of them in the slideshow below.

He was born and raised in Milton, Ontario.  He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1978 and trained as a pilot. He graduated from Royal Military College with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, and eventually received a Masters of Science in aviation systems at the University of Tenessee in 1992.  That same year, he was chosen from 5330 applicants to one of four new astronaut spots at the Canadian Space Agency and transferred to NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  He’s done some pretty awesome sounding jobs at NASA since then, and has gone up to space several times.  He’ll land back on Earth May 14.

But really, everyone should check out his updates and posts.  They’re pretty awesome.  You’ll get so entranced you won’t even notice you’ve looked through over 400 pictures!!

It’s weird.  I don’t normally follow space news or look too hard into anytime another launch is happening.  But these pictures, along with his updates, make you feel as though you’re experiencing space with him.  His willingness to answer any and all questions – from space!! – really makes me excited to find out more.

And the best part?  No matter what city, country, or continent he shares a picture of, he always just says “us,” not “Canadians,” not “Brits,” not “Polish,” not “Korean.”  Just “us.”  He’s made us feel as though the world is border-less and we’re all the same – which we are.

Check out his Facebook.  You’ll be glad you did.

Welcome to the world of Supernatural!

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but I don’t normally watch too much TV.  While some people I know are hooked on ten shows at a time, I really only have two or three, and most are shortened seasons (like 12 or 13 episodes) and I can’t obsess for more than three months at a time.  But now I’m here now to tell you all about my new obsession: Supernatural.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester.

Now, I’m clearly very late to the Supernatural bandwagon.  It’s on the 8th season!!  According to Wikipedia‘s Supernatural page, they’ve just aired the 168th episode.  So yes, I was very, very behind.

I’ve been meaning to watch it for years.  I’ve had the first season sitting in my room for years, and my brother had the next three in his room, just waiting for me to watch them.  But I always found something else, something better, something different.  And to be honest, the idea of having to catch up on that many episodes was daunting enough to make me not want to.

And then one day,  I was bored.  So I flipped through Netflix, and I decided, “Hey, why not?” and watched the first episode.

And I was hooked.  I caught up in about two weeks or so.  I watched them almost non-stop.

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And I’m back!!

Hello all!!

Once again, it’s been a while since I wrote, and for that, I apologize.  I know, I know, I’m terrible at updating.  I’ll try to be better, I promise!!

Anyways, so I figured I’d start off with a quick post about a few songs that I’m currently obsessed with listening to. I know it’s not much, but it’s a start, right? And I’ll be back tomorrow with more, I promise!

The first one is “Feel This Moment” by Pitbull, featuring Christina Aguilera.  I absolutely love this song.  It makes me want to close my eyes and take a deep breath and go out and enjoy the night.

The second one is the new 30 Seconds to Mars song, “Up in the Air.”  This song totally makes me dance around my room and sing along.  It’s the first single off their upcoming CD, Love, Lust, Faith, Dreams, which will be released on May 21st.  I’m incredibly excited, as this means they’ll be touring again!!  And i definitely plan to be at their show here when they come, and if possible, at their shows in nearby cities.  They put on what is honestly the best concert I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot!!

As always, I’m still obsessed with all things Rise Against.  My current favourite song is “This is Letting Go,” which has helped me a lot lately, so I’ve decided to include it here, even though it’s not new.  They have a lot of other great songs, though, so feel free to listen to their other stuff!!

I’ll be back soon to update.  I’ve been writing a lot lately, so I really should make sure some of that writing is done here too!!  I’ve been working on some of my fiction, as well as some of my fan fiction.  And I wrote a poem!!  Well, kinda poem.  I don’t really do poetry, so I’m not sure what counts as one.  Maybe I’ll post it and you guys can tell me what you think??

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