Happy surprise: 21 Jump Street is actually funny!!

I’m not really a comedy fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I like funny.  I like stand-up, and there are some comedies that I enjoy.  I’m not a fan of gross, bodily-fluid, disgusting comedy, and a lot of the comedies lately have been like that.  I didn’t like 40 Year Old Virgin, I didn’t really like Knocked Up, and I definitely didn’t like Dumb & Dumber.  I don’t like Jim Carey (except in his serious roles), I don’t like Steve Carell, and I don’t like Will Ferrel.

I know, I’m totally a minority.  I’m okay with that.  I do like some comedies.  Out of IMBd‘s “50 Comedies To See Before You Die,” I like 4.  Well, I never said I liked a lot of them!!!

But last weekend, my brother suggested going to watch 21 Jump Street.  I wasn’t really excited about it (by which I mean I tried to fight it and was outvoted).  So off I went to watch it with my sibling.

I actually liked it.  I mean, it’s not a movie I could watch over and over again, but it was much more entertaining that I expected.  If you’re looking for great, Oscar-winning acting, this is definitely not the movie for you.  If you just want to be entertained, check it out.

The movie is about two guys, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum), who have joined a new police task force housed at 21 Jump Street.  They are to use their youthful appearances to go back to high school and infiltrate a drug ring that’s making a deadly new drug.

To me, the funny began once they were back in school.  In their actual high school days, Schmidt was a nerdy, Eminem wannabe who was incredibly uncool. Jenko was the athletic, charismatic, hot popular guy who loved to make fun of him.  They both ended up at the police academy and hit it off: Jenko helped Schimdt with the physical part, and Schmidt helped Jenko with the academic.

But now they’re back in school, and the cool has changed.  Dumb jocks aren’t the cool in-crowd, that now belongs to the environmentally friendly, university-bound smart kids, led by Dave Franco.

Not only do Jenko and Schmidt have to deal with a completely different high school environment they’re used to and find a way to not fuck up their new, inverted social status, which neither had prepared for, but they accidentally switch fake identities.  This leaves Jenko in the AP classes while Schmidt attempts to live up to his supposed state-level track winnings.

With the exception of a few scenes which I felt were dumb and pointless, it was a pretty good movie.  It has a fantastically useless and implausible car chase scene, but even that added to the funniness of the movie.  The fact that the trade off, between the high-schoolers and hard-ass bikers, is done with piñatas, is hilarious.  The labeling of all the stages the drug takes you to is pretty awesome.  And their party??  Epic.  And the gunfight scene at the end??  Hilarious.

The short cameo by original 21 Jump Street actors Johnny Depp and Peter De Louise add a happy little surprise for anyone who was a fan of the original (or who love Johnny Depp).

And Korean Jesus??  Amazing.

Add a super horny, incredibly inappropriate female teacher who clearly wants to fuck the shit out of Jenko (which not only do I not blame her for, I say she should definitely take one for the team!!), a hilariously ridiculous gym teacher, and a fantastically stereotyped Iced Cube as their commanding officer, and this movie is full of non-stop laughs!!

And did I mention Channing Tatum looks hot??  ‘Cause he does.

I don’t really have a rating system, but I would give this movie a 7 out of 10.