I’m back!!

Hello, there!!  Yes, you!!

I know, I know, it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other…but hopefully that’s all about to change!!  Yes, you heard it right, I plan to update this blog much more often.  Let’s be totally honest, it probably won’t be as often as I’d like, but it’ll definitely be much more of then than I’m currently doing it!!

So what to talk about??  So much has happened!! What’s new in the world of pop culture that I love and want to discuss??

How about “The Martian“??  I know, you’ve already heard so much about it from everyone and their uncle, but seriously, this is a movie I’ve been waiting for ever since the book came out back in Feb 2014.

Or how about American Horror Story, which I used to love but got really tired of in two seasons ago?? I mean, you can only take so much resurrection and weird sex and backstabbing and…just…weirdness. Also, nonsense.

Hmmm…or maybe we can talk about the amazingness that were Guardians of the Galaxy last year??  Because I was so goddamn excited for that movie, and it definitely lived up to my expectations.  I know not a lot of the people I know were thinking of watching it, but I absolutely loved it. Of course, I’m much, much more excited about next year’s Captain America: Civil War…but that’ll be a different post, that’s for sure!

Or maybe Supernatural, which I’m determined to catch up on (I’m about two seasons behind now). I did see the trailer for Supernatural newest (their 11th!!), and it looked pretty awesome, so I definitely should work on that. Ditto for Criminal Minds (who also on their 11th season).  I’m so behind.

Or maybe my once-again new-found love of eBay?? Or my still undying and incredibly solid obsession with fanfiction??  At least now I’m also reading Harry Potter fanfic (I totally ship Dramione!!!!) and Supernatural fanfic (and even one that’s a an awesome crossover with Buffy!!).

Anyways, this wasn’t really going to be  a post about anything in specific, just a start at blogging again.  I should hopefully be writing maybe two or three posts a week, and we’ll see from there if I can do more.  Of course, I do have more than one blog, so it might be difficult to come up with something for all of them, but I’ll do my best.  I case you’re wondering, I’ll also be trying to update Girls Love Soccer Too, so feel free to head on over and check that one out.

I’ll leave you with the best thing to happen in the last little while: dancing baby Groot.  You should all feel free to go out and buy me one.

Man, I love baby Groot.

Anyways, I’m off to look up some interesting topics to write about. If you have anything you think I’m missing out on, feel free to let me know!!

See you again soon!!  Well, hopefully!!

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