New Linkin Park!!


New Linkin Park makes me über happy.

I guess now I’ll just wait for their tour.  I may have heard rumours that it’ll be with Incubus, which their site tells me is happening this summer.  You know, Tinley Park, IL and Cincinnati, OH aren’t too far for me to drive.  It’s gonna be so freaking awesome!!

So here’s their new single from their upcoming CD, “Living Things,” coming out June 26.

I still remember how much I loved “One Step Closer” when it came out way back when I was like 15.  I loved it, and I soon loved everything they touched. Some of my favourite songs were “Breaking the Habit,” “Somewhere I Belong,” and “Pushing Me Away,” and they were also my go-to songs when I was feeling angry, sad, or just like and angst-filled teenager.  “In Pieces” is my all-time favourite song, with “Waiting For The End” a close second.

I’ve seen them live only once, but it was awesome.  Half the band was late (I believe it was for customs reasons), and the two singers, Mike and Chester, did some acoustic songs while they waited for the rest of the band.  I’ve been to shows where bands think it’s okay for them to make you wait 2 hours while they party backstage (I’m looking at you No Doubt!!), but LP, even though they had a legitimate reason, came out to keep us entertained and apologize for the delay.

They played the acoustic set, and then, once the whole band was there, they still did a whole set.  And they were incredible!!

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