Once a blogger, forever a blogger.

It was 2003.  I was 19 and was finishing high school.  I had just gotten back from two months in El Salvador.  I had broken up with one boyfriend and started seeing someone new.  I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with my life.

That was when a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging.

As someone who loved to write, blogging was the best possible invention.  I could write anything and post it where everyone could see, if I wanted them to.  It wasn’t too long before I became addicted.

At first, my blog was basically an online diary.  I actually wrote all about my day, no matter how tedious and boring, in minute detail.  I would update as often as possible and would write about absolutely nothing I’d want to read now.  eventually, I got tired of LiveJournal and moved to Blogger.  I still use that blog, although it’s mainly on my life and what I’m up to, for those I don’t see often.

It wasn’t until much later that I discovered WordPress.  And while I do love it, and the ease of which I can find other blogs, I’m still unsure if I prefer it over Blogger.

Sure, the posting is easier.  And the tag, link, and related articles suggestions is super fantastic.

But it’s hard to customize without paying.  I found a Theme I like, and really do plan to get, but I’ll have to shell out $45 for it.  That may not seem like a lot, but no one wants to pay for stuff like this.  Especially since as much as I love writing, this isn’t really a professional endeavor.  Although to be honest, I may splurge on it anyways.

Now, I try to write less of a “Dear Diary” format.  My last blog, which was soccer-specific, still gets hundreds of hits per week, even though I haven’t updated it in two years.  This time I wanted to write just what I thought on anything and everything.   But while I like having a forum where I can write about anything I want, I feel like I should try to maybe narrow down the blog topic to something a little more specific.  But I have no idea what to pick.

Maybe I’ll just keep writing whatever I want.  People seem to want to read it.  Okay, not a lot of people, but still, some.  I don’t really publicize this blog.  It feeds to my Twitter, but to be honest, I don’t really use Twitter, so I don’t have many ppl on it.  I think I’ve only mentioned it to maybe two friends and my boyfriend – and I’m pretty sure it’s not them reading it!!

So I guess I’ll just keep writing, and hope that it’s interesting enough for people to want to follow and for new readers to be interested.  I don’t think I could ever actually stop blogging.  It makes me happy, even if no one reads it.  I can’t imagine life without writing.  And yes, I do still do some of my writing on paper.

And if you have any topic ideas, or ideas of how I can get more readers, feel free to let me know!!

3 thoughts on “Once a blogger, forever a blogger.

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