A short rant on celebrity stupidity

I try not to follow celebrities closely, as I don’t really feel their personal lives have anything to do with the product they’re selling me.  This doesn’t mean I don’t follow – it’s almost impossible, in our society.  But I do try to not comment on every thing they do.

Earlier today, however, I came across a story that made me incredibly angry.  It was talking about a remix of a song called “Turn Up The Music” by Chris Brown.  This particular remix features Rihanna, and was tweeted by the singer herself, pointing fans to where they could hear it.

I was able to find the originating tweet and have included it below:

There is also a Rihanna song called “Birthday Cake” that features Chris Brown.  And according to the Google search I just did, they are rumoured to be secretly dating again.

The problem I have with this should be glaringly obvious: he beat the shit out of her.  He was charged, a restraining order was issued, and life continued.

Except that apparently, the participating parties want to act like nothing happened.

Now, normally, if this was a celebrity relationship that ended wrong (with no abuse) I’d say it’s not my business and good luck to them.  But they’re famous.  And little girls everywhere look up to Rihanna.  They want to be her.  They want to do what she does.  They want to grow up to be just like her.

So shouldn’t she give a little more thought to the things she does??  Don’t get me wrong, I already think she’s a shitty fucking role model.  Unless you want to teach your daughters that wearing skimpy clothing and selling sex will make them money.  Then yes, she’s the best example.  Otherwise, shitty role model.  Don’t get me wrong, she can sing.  But really, we all know what she sells isn’t her voice.

And now she’s telling her fans what??  That it’s okay to be friends and hang out with the guy who beat you so bad the pictures shocked the country??  It’s disgusting.  Absolutely disgusting.

I get that the industry won’t shun him, and really, I don’t even feel people need to boycott him.  But she shouldn’t be working with him.

Have enough respect for yourself and your millions of young fans to at least be able to say that when someone treats you like shit, you leave them behind.  You walk away.  That you deserve better.  That no one has the right to hurt you.

That’s the message she should be tweeting.  NOT that they should listen to her new song with her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Domestic abuse has recently touched someone in my life, and after spending time and effort convincing her that she deserved better and that no one has the right to treat her like that, it enrages me to see this message being sent out to millions.  I’m not sure there is even a word that is angry enough to describe the amount of rage that I feel right now.

I understand that they feel their private life is private.  But let’s be honest: they want people to love them, care about them, follow them, buy their stuff, and overall, they want to make money.  But with this comes the fact that privacy is almost non-existent.  Nowadays, you don’t sell your music, you sell yourself as a brand.  And everything you say, do, wear, eat, and buy influences how people see that brand.

The least they could do is try to send the right message.  But then again, maybe common sense really isn’t so common??

3 thoughts on “A short rant on celebrity stupidity

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